Realigning my Heart

March 3, 2008

I spent most of my entire day praying short prayers that God would give me His heart for the lost – for the hopeless, the compromising, and the hard of heart. I’d find myself wandering off track, and by these quick prayers I’d be suddenly thrust back on focus. This caused me to walk out my entire day in prayer. Surely this is what Paul meant by “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17)? If it is, then this is not beyond our reach! It’s actually quite simple and revitalizing. A posture of prayer can be maintained throughout the day (whatever the day holds for us) because our Father desires that we never be without Him. It is by His grace, but He is not stingy to give us this grace – we must but ask, and it is ours freely. To be honest, today was the first full day where I have prayed continually, but knowing what I now know (that this isn’t something only available to but a few), I do not want another day to pass where I deviate from the posture of prayer. My inheritance is to be a house of prayer – a resting place for God – and so as I have been given this promise, and have today obtained it, I will embrace this as a lifestyle, obtaining it daily, that on that Day I may receive the promise in full. Jesus, give me a burden for the lost – that they too may obtain and receive this glorious promise!


One Response to “Realigning my Heart”

  1. Ben, it always makes me happy to see one of your posts pop up in my reader. I’m so glad you’re writing regularly again. Just had to say that.

    I think this is absolutely what Paul meant by “pray without ceasing”. We just actually talk to Him. Go figure that one, huh? It’s so easy to lose focus of this; thank you for putting it in the spotlight again!

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