March 7, 2008

Have you ever watched a video of an abortion? (I know this seems *way* off topic, but in the grand scheme of things, I assure you, it’s not.) I am forever marked by it. My knees will henceforth be ever prostrated before the glorious mercy seat in intercession that abortion would end. The womb was created to be the cherished place where a child is nurtured and formed by our Father’s hands, but of late it has become an unsafe house where there is no reciprocation of love from the bearer of the rejected bit of tissue, which thing awaits uncaring metal clamps and suction.

Though the child is without the faculties to give audible voice to the great pain of starvation or of dismemberment, he or she is not totally without expression – babies in the womb feel pain just as they would outside the womb, and react much in the same way. Can you imagine condoning and performing the same procedure to a child of the same age who was birthed naturally? What makes a person a “person”?

Jesus, release vivid dreams to the women who have scheduled abortions of what will take place in that room, both naturally and spiritually. Send to them the Comforter to bring them hope and love; send to them a godly couple who would joyfully adopt their baby. Make it known to them that they are far from being cornered into needing to abort their baby, and then produce for them the open door of escape. Pour out the spirit of adoption upon Your church, Jesus. Together we ask this in Your name that the Father would be glorified. Amen.


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