The Gift I Gave Gloria

March 7, 2008

My wife Kelly and I had gone shopping, searching for the perfect gift to bless our friends with, and after quite a long time of weighing our options, we chose and went to see them. We came bearing flowers. This is more Kelly’s love language than mine, and so I wanted to give out of the treasure of my own heart. My love language is poetry, so, I wrote baby Dae a song:

“O Glorious Dae!”

O Glorious Night! O Glorious Night!
The dew on the grass will be quite a sight
When the sun in the morning comes to such a height,
Making known to all the Father’s delight!
O Glorious Morn! O Glorious Morn!
The stars are hidden in the sky they adorn!
Angels are rejoicing with trumpet and horn:
“Glorious Beloved last night was born!”
O Glorious Day! O Glorious Day!
The sun is ashamed because your parents pray!
Know they love you, hear them always say:
“Love the Lord Jesus, O Gloria Dae!”
O Glorious Eve! O Glorious Eve!
The moon in the heavens could never achieve
The radiance of the joy that your parents did receive:
“He gives what we ask when with asking we believe!”
O Glorious One! O Glorious One!
All creation groans – we have come undone!
Forsaking all, to You alone we run:
“We give You Gloria as You gave us Your Son!”

One Response to “The Gift I Gave Gloria”

  1. Scotty Says:

    Ben, your poems are superb. They always bring glory to Jesus. We read this poem to little Gloria. It’s our favorite poem you’ve ever shared with us– best part:
    “Love the Lord Jesus, O Gloria Dae!”

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