Faith, Hope, and Love

March 19, 2008

We the church need a revelation from the Holy Spirit of true Biblical faith, hope, and love. Too many wrongly define faith as what is actually presumption, hope as wishing, and do not consider obedience to be a necessary component of love. But Scripturally, our hope of our own glorification is that we have Christ within us (Col. 1:27). This hope is not a wish – this is something we can know (1 John 5:13). We have no doubt, and the fruit we produce testifies of who is dwelling in us, even to unbelievers (Matt. 7:15-20).

In Heb. 11:1, Paul writes that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not [yet] seen.” If your faith has no substance to it, and is without evidence, then you are without true Biblical faith, and your hope is suspect. Faith without works is no faith at all (Jas. 2:14-26). So though we are justified by faith (Rom. 3:30), we are judged by works (Rom. 2:6), and our faith will naturally produce works of righteousness if our faith is righteous.

Furthermore, Jesus said that if we love Him we will keep His commandments (John 14:15). You say you know God as a King and as a Father; yet, if being a servant in His kingdom and an adopted son in His house you are without allegiance or obedience, then you do not love your King or your Father. I am not speaking of immaturity, but of insincerity, when I say that we are to no longer sin if we love Jesus with true Biblical love.

Of these three, love is the greatest (1 Cor. 13:13), because it is not possible to have true hope or true faith without true love. Love must spur on our hope, that our hope would produce love-based faith. A Biblical hope in the coming restoration of all things must produce Biblical faith – which true faith births Biblical works – these works, or this faith, being the fruition of Biblical love.

But a wish can only lead to presumption, and presumption to lethargy and complaining, which cannot value or practice obedient love. This is a foundational reason why the western church lacks power. We must come back to the Biblical definitions of faith, hope, and love that the Holy Spirit would pervade the body of Christ and that Jesus’ bride would have a fragrance about her that ascends to the throne room as a pleasing aroma.

I speak to all our minds: “All false images of God be torn down and become dust, to be blown away by the wind! Prepare, make room, and clear the pathway for the true to come and take its rightful place! Joyfully receive with thanksgiving the knowledge of God, that we all would, as many members of one body, both benefit from God and be prosperous to God!”

I speak now to God: “Holy Spirit, remove the rubble of the fallen strongholds of our common enemy! Jesus, our Slain Lamb, our High Priest, our Forerunner – come and strengthen all that You have made new within us, for we desire to love You with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength! Father, of the overflow of Your heart for us, speak to us, that we would live by Your every word daily here in the wilderness, from Egypt to the land promised by You!”


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