Flowing rivers of living water

May 6, 2008

This weekend I ministered at Bradley Epworth Methodist Church in Peoria, IL with a team of about 30 first and second year FSM students. In the months leading up to our trip, the Spirit informed us that we were hired specifically for two tasks: to watch over Bradley’s garden of encountering God, releasing angels to remove all that would harm their place of intimacy, and to pour out upon their altar everything poured into us, keeping nothing for ourselves. We also knew that this church was experiencing revival, but a revival which had not yet exploded out into the city; they needed a cataclysmic element before their burning coals could be dispersed throughout Peoria. Upon arriving, the leadership of Bradley were in full agreement – we were that element they had been praying and waiting for, even for the last fifteen years.

As a team, we saw several significant healings take place, from severe back pain to asthma to a broken ankle. In the prophecy rooms, which we ministered in for over five straight hours, the level of accuracy and unity was phenomenal, and the greatest skeptics were brought to weeping and to awe of a personal God who spoke to individuals out of the overflow of His heart. There were even some deliverance sessions, and people were set free from long years of demonic oppression. In the prayer room we set up, the spirit of impartation was placed upon our hands, and many received their prayer language, travail, and Holy Spirit laughter. The grace to pray for hours on end with ease was present in the sanctuary, and when teaching, preaching, and prophesying there, the Spirit went forth triumphantly.

Though we were actively involved in ministry for over eighteen hours each of those days, and though I myself was entering into week four of a water only fast, I found that in the midst of this as-of-yet small scale revival, I was supernaturally energized all throughout the four days, and I slept those three nights soundly. Truly, my own testimony this weekend was simply that I continually said “yes” to the Spirit of Jesus, and He did the rest – through me, the team I was a part of, and through the members of Bradley Epworth. I walked away with this invaluable experience: how to keep my heart alive in the midst of revival.

Here’s how. Though I am a major introvert – which means it expounds much of my energy to be a part of large group dynamics, and to fuel myself I need to be alone for long hours (which I thoroughly enjoy; I am the exact definition of a recluse) – my desire was to remain fully energized, and yet fully immersed in ministry. I prayed for Divine guidance, and Jesus spoke clearly to me of how to be wise in my preparation and in my watching (Matt. 25:1-13) – of how to redeem the time given me (Eph. 5:13-17), and to number my days (Ps. 90:12). And, because He’s fun, He used fractals to teach this to me.

In essence, a fractal is a picture that when viewed as a whole is identical to the parts that make it up, which continue infinitely. They’re quite interesting to me, and have been for some years now. What Jesus was giving me by bringing to remembrance these mathematical works of art was my method to be *being* filled with the Spirit, as a habitual drunkard would with wine, obvious to all who might hear and look upon him (Eph. 5:18). Revival is coming here to IHOP-KC, and soon. We must prepare ourselves and our families, that we do not burn out, fall apart, or fall away.

He led me to walk out my day faithfully like this: I would wake up early, and spend my first hour alone in prayer. Then, after my morning preparations, when I arrived at the church, I’d come into the group of people, yet remain alone before the Lord for an hour to an hour and a half. And from that place, of having something of eternal substance to give to them, I would minister to the people. I would minister to one person at a time without distraction for maybe ten minutes to a half hour, but then immediately again retreat to the secret place for five minutes or even thirty seconds before moving on to the next person. After four or five hours, dictated by meal times, I would then spend an hour alone debriefing with the Spirit. Then I’d start the process again. I would end my day just as I had began it; an hour among the people but alone in prayer, and then another hour completely alone in my bedroom before sleeping. I imagine that when revival comes and remains here that I would continue the fractal method, extending it ever outward, having Sabbath days, weeks, and months, and even Sabbath years.

A very good friend of mine had a powerful dream from God for our community here at IHOP-KC. The dream, in short, was that Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals, would place a mantle of healing on many where no disease known to man would be able to stand, and that He’d be with us in our coming in and in our going out. Then the dream transitioned and my friend, having the mantle, was standing before a line of people miles long, all having such serious conditions that if they did not receive healing that day, they would die. After eighteen straight hours of healing every single one who approached, my friend was told by the Holy Spirit (who came in the form of a Faceless Man) to immediately leave the line and stop healing. When asked why, He replied, “Because you are out of oil.” And because my friend had to leave the line, people died.

This dream has been shared numerous times publicly, and it has completely upturned the way in which I’ve been thinking about the coming revival. Are we truly ready? How do we spend our time? I learned by experience something priceless this weekend, yet my wife and baby daughter were not there – how will I respond in revival when my family is with me and needs me everyday? This is very real, very serious, and very close. Because family life *is* full time ministry, my wife and I have already discussed and implemented much of this “fractal method”, and hope to continually perfect it over the years ahead of us. When I shared this with my friend, the one who had the dream, he told me that he was very blessed by it. I trust that this will bless you and yours as well.


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