A crafty deceiving spirit

May 7, 2008

What I’m about to share here happened while on the Peoria trip, but with whom and in which church I’ve decided to leave purposefully vague for everyone’s sake. I was not present at this deliverance session, but I heard this straight from the one who ran it, so know that this account is trustworthy and that you ought to take heed from it. When I was told this, revelation washed over me, practically drenching me with a deeper understanding of Jesus’ warning on the Mount of Olives that those living in the last generation must guard themselves first of all from deception (Matt. 24:4; Mark 13:5). This story should cause you to press in for the gift of discerning of spirits like you never have before, because this is something I personally have never heard of until this trip.

A middle aged person was meandering around the church foyer, and this person was clearly recovering from a recent major surgery. Some eager young students approached this person, asking if they could pray for Jesus to bring healing. The older person agreed, and so they gathered together in an upper room. When the door shut, and the students began interceding – having given the person a quick explanation of what they were going to do, of how to receive prayer, and of what to possibly expect – it was then that the unexpected happened.

The recuperating person, who downstairs could barely move without pain, and then very slowly, began manifesting a demon. With erratic movements and another’s voice, this person was clearly under the authority of the kingdom of darkness. When the well trained students tried all they knew to do, they went to one who has been practicing deliverance and healing for over a decade.

Upon entering the room, the demoniac was seated and presently settled down, seemingly in the “right” state of mind and character. However, it was nothing but a show. Together, the students with the leader began to rebuke the demon and plead the blood of Jesus, and after much difficulty, the demonized person broke down into tears and praising God! Hallelujah! The young students were aglow, rejoicing with dancing, and preparing themselves to now address and believe for the person’s physical healing. The leader, though, kept seated and did not join them all in their excitement, but instead authoritatively rebuked: “You foul, deceptive spirit!” And the person, who the students thought to be free, again roared and raged with the voice and power of a demon! They were deceived! And not only that, but this demon deceived them in the same way once more in that very same deliverance session!

How terrifying! Are we abiding in the light such that we can instantly know whether one is in fellowship with Jesus or not? Do we honestly rely on the Holy Spirit to give us eyes to see beneath the surface and to search the heart, or are we merely external and suspicious? Have we laid hold of the heavenly gifts already given us, or have we remained impoverished because we have not yet entered through the open door set before us? How seriously do we take Paul when he wrote, “Now the Spirit *expressly* says that in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons” (1 Tim. 4:1)? O God, let it not be said of us who are of the last Adam that a crafty serpent deceived us! Make us burning and shining lamps, and cleanse our eyes from all wickedness, that we may rightly discern the foul from the holy. Give us grace to pursue righteousness all of our days, for we long to see the day of Your Son’s return! Jesus, we desire that You receive Your full inheritance, and will not rest until the kingdom of God is restored here on earth. Maranatha!


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