If you see me today…

May 9, 2008

…wish me a blessed 25th birthday! This year I am exactly half my parents’ age, and I’m not sure yet if I feel weird about that or not. I was discussing with Kel that now’s the time to have a mid-life crisis if ever, because of the strong conviction I have about Jesus returning in this generation, probably before I can make it past 65 years of age. I may never be a grandfather – now that *is* weird to think about!

Our plans for today: sleep in (check), take our chocolate lab Macey and baby Z for a walk by the lake, go play putt-putt golf (both weather pending), and go to a movie tonight (we already got Z a sitter). I accidentally discovered the Red Bridge 4 movie theater the other day, and though it may be shady, it’s only $2 per person, and only $3 more for pop and popcorn. As financially strapped missionaries, this is great! Seven bucks for a movie? We’re in! The only thing that could possibly compare is McDonald’s redbox and their dollar menu.

School’s out until the fall today, but I’ll be taking a (free) class throughout the summer break to learn NT Greek which starts Monday the 12th, the day I begin breaking my four week water only fast. Pray for me! And for the APP program (Apostolic Prayer and Preaching) we’ll have an *intense* schedule, so over the summer Kel and I will be getting into the rhythm of it, that way when August comes our heads won’t be spinning. So again, pray for us! Well, that’s about it, and definitely more than I originally intended. You got me rambling, and I despise empty words. Shame on you! ;) Enjoy my birthday – I know we will be!


2 Responses to “If you see me today…”

  1. kellyvarner Says:

    I love you! Happy Birthday again :) it was a good birthday I had fun, and Mother’s Day was great- you’re such an amazing husband, I’m so blessed to be your wife!

  2. Sundby family Says:

    And we’re so blessed to be your friends. We love you so much Ben!!

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