Sacred Sypathy

May 20, 2008

Old Man prideful yet despairs;
knows Death will catch him unawares;
so lives he life to Sup and Play
with gods of fading earthen wares;
but all their passing joys dismay,
for none stay Death nor Fear’s display,
least of all the gods of empty earthen wares…
fool Old Man is condemned by sin,
but Living God wisely hemmed him in,
and planted in his heart of stone
the Seed of Hope which stemmed within,
now watered by His proceeding Throne
and Regal Blood with pow’r to atone;
he thinks it queer this Hope now stemmed within…
to make an end of his transgression,
the broken man makes good Confession;
Who cleansed his conscience of condemnation?
the Slain Lamb who Lives to make intercession;
and now a New Man stands a New Creation,
his Old Man judged made expiation
just as the Lamb who Died to make intercession…
twas by sympathy that Death was defeated,
and New Man in heavenly places is seated;
the Spirit Without Measure is to him afforded
as High Priest and Sacrifice declares, “Completed!”
born anew and inheritance awarded,
but outside His Family are the false and the sordid,
for as priest and as offering Communion is completed…

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