I’ve gone and stayed up all night!

June 2, 2008

For the past four months or so I’ve been devouring the scroll of Hebrews. Tonight, I thought I’d just have a late night “snack”, but somehow it turned into an all night “feast”! I ended up writing posts about the importance of rightly understanding priestliness in the end times, and why I believe there will be a millennial temple with mandated sin offerings from Jesus the Slain Lamb Himself. It won’t be until later today that I’ll wonder if I couldn’t have just put it off until a decent time, but for the moment I’m feeling rather good.

The sun has not yet advanced over the horizon, but its colorful banners are waving triumphantly in the distance, and the birds are even now heralding its victory over the night’s sky. Because Kelly will undoubtedly not understand as to why I’ve neglected my sleep, I think I’ll make her a nice breakfast in hopes to win her approval of me staying home and napping while she takes Z to the prayer room. One can dream, anyway.


One Response to “I’ve gone and stayed up all night!”

  1. Hmm. NightWatch? Maybe? :D

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