Fasting, voting, and the nations

June 30, 2008

Here at IHOP-KC, we are as a body giving ourselves to two forty-day fasts during the remainder of 2008, one beginning today and ending 08/08/08, and the second beginning Sept. 26th and ending on election day (Nov. 4th). For every four days of fasting it takes one day to break it, so a forty day fast should take ten days to break – this then gives us forty days of a normalized diet in between the two fasts. The purpose of the first is for the glory of God to break in; that we’d love Jesus more; to ascend the mountain of the Lord – this fast will be very devotional in nature. The second is obviously directed at having a God-fearing president in office, and will be heightened spiritual warfare.

While praying a simple ninety-second prayer for revelation concerning these two fasts, the Lord answered. He told me that the first was in preparation for the second, and that one without the other would be very ineffective. He said that to enter into the first with an understanding of the purpose of the second would posture us for faithful endurance for both fasts, which will impact not just America, but Islam, Israel, and China. We must have a president who will support Israel militarily, who will keep the troops in Iraq until governmental structure is put into place there (allowing us access to influence or even override administratively without question for something like the next ten years), and who fears God. Being pro-life is also paramount, but I will have to discuss that at another time.

Some quick info to help connect some dots: Saddam Hussein was a Sunni Muslim, as were those in power under him, though the nation of Iraq’s majority of Muslims are Shiite (the ratio being about 2:1). When we removed Saddam from his place of authority, suddenly the Shiites, who for so long were under the oppression of the Sunni leaders, saw an opportunity to snatch the open position. The American soldiers found themselves as aliens in the middle of a civil war. For a short time the Shiites had genocidal intentions, until they were suppressed by our confused but able Army. Were our next president to call our troops home and abandon the opportunity, even the responsibility, to have a hand in rebuilding legislation, surely the Shiites would once again shed the blood of their brothers, and elect a radical Shiite Imam (a leader). And were this to happen, Iran would certainly unite with Iraq (Iran’s ratio of Shiite to Sunni is 9:1).

[There are several major theological differences between Sunnis and Shiites. Sunnis believe that Allah can act aimlessly, does not show mercy or give grace, can command people to commit sin, and would be just if Allah sent a prophet to hell and Satan to heaven, because they do not believe in cause and effect; also, that we do not have free will in even the least of things, that prophets can sin, and that their leaders are not infallible. Shiites on the other hand believe that Allah only ever acts with a purpose, is merciful and gives grace, and could never command a person to commit sin; also, that we have free will in everything, that prophets cannot sin, and that their leaders are as Allah – infallible. If the Shiite leader is peaceful, his followers are peaceful; if blood-thirsty, then his followers are blood-thirsty.]

Now to discuss Israel. A generation of Jews have come and gone since 1967, which was when Jerusalem was seized and reunified by Israel, putting the whole of their chief city under their sovereignty. However, even this new generation does not love Jesus, the true God of Abraham (John 8:58), though their dwelling in the promised land was always contingent upon their faithfulness to Him. If this new generation is not a “Joshua generation”, what are we to expect but that God will raise up a wicked nation to judge them? Before the world’s eyes, America is a Christian nation – were our next president to no longer support Israel, who will intercede militarily for God’s chosen people? Just as when their fathers advanced upon Ai, putting their trust in the ark but presuming God to be with them, today’s Jewish Army trusts in their Air Force. What they will get – apart from corporate repentance – is a massive defeat, and, hopefully, a wake-up call.

Who our next president is, then, will also either alleviate or worsen the church in China’s end-time ministerial focus known as B2J: Back to Jerusalem, where they train up prophetic evangelists to give their lives that the Muslim nations immediately surrounding Israel would abandon Islam for Christianity, which, in effect, would provoke the Jews to jealousy – “and so all Israel will be saved” (Rom. 10:19; 11:25-27).

As I was laying on my bunk, receiving all that the Lord was releasing, He then began to speak of the first forty-day fast, tying the two together. Though the first will start out with the intention of me, an individual, falling more in love with Jesus, by His hand it will expand to nations giving themselves to an intimate relationship with Christ; not just America, but China, Israel, and the Muslim nations of the Middle East. As we intercessors climb the mountain of God, we must do so as priests and as kings of righteousness and peace, that when we stand as mediators in Christ we would have the mercy and grace from God to help in our time of need.


2 Responses to “Fasting, voting, and the nations”

  1. Your Wife Says:

    You did an excellent job of laying it all out babe- almost as good as when you were discussing it the other night. You are SUCH a talented writer, I can’t wait for you to put a book out- love you so much.

  2. Well written with strong prophetic revelation concerning the two fasts…particularly the 2nd one.

    My guess is that God will continue to release prophetic information as we continue to pray.

    Jess Gjerstad

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