Praying Effectively

November 4, 2008

My wife and I just had an anointed discussion and time of prayer concerning abortion and the elections that will be decided today. We hate abortion, but when it ends, what will take its place? I say this because the true enemy of unborn babies is not Planned Parenthood, but the spirit of murder and the spirit of sexual immorality. It’s quite easy for us to take a stand against the killing of “fetuses” (which is Latin for baby), as we will never commit or support it; however, to say that we will never be found in agreement with murderous or sexually immoral spirits causes us, including me, to pause. To pray, “God, cast out the murdering spirits in America,” while harboring that very same unclean spirit within me, is to ask God to remove me from His presence! Interceding for abortion to end is safe; for the destruction of the spirit of murder, encroaching. This is only so because we pray for God’s kingdom to come, thinking ‘I can keep my own kingdom as well’ with all its disagreeing doctrines, and vainly imagine there can be peace between the two. This can never be so, and indeed, misunderstands the very purpose and power of the cross.

Rhetorically glamorous and invigorating prayer is ineffective if it is not spoken in faith by one who is in agreement with the One on the throne who is being entreated. Strategic intercession is unity with God and with your fellow man; is growing an intimate history with God; is from the place of having nothing in ourselves yet having everything in Him. Voters this day, having been bombarded with multifarious opinions and white noise for several months, will shut the door on all that and finally be left alone for but a short moment of silence, and cast their vote. Through campaigning, potential candidates will have made their (and their opponent’s) stances known, in the hopes of gaining supporters, voters, and victory. Through prayer, we can avail much more than mere campaigning, for one man who fellowships with God is always a majority. Hence, my exhortation to righteousness, for “the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (Jas. 5:16). Lord, show us mercy, and let Your will be done; refine Your church that we would pray with authority; capture hearts, and shift set intentions and expectations – when all eyes are on Ohio, pull a fast one in California. Amen!


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