Awakened from a dream, I look at the digital clock on the night stand. 2:47 AM. As I turn back to lay down, something walks across the room and disappears. Frightened and confused, I slowly sit up in bed. What was that? My mind racing, my heart pumping, my eyes straining – nothing could prepare me for what I was about to experience…

Having just returned from a year’s tour in Iraq as a SAW gunner on convoys, my fiancée Kelly dragged me to a church conference in Kansas City, where she became a Christian while I was away. She wanted to quit college and move there. It was all she ever talked about. I’d only been back a month, and here we are at a three day church service where the worship is two hours long and the speakers claim to have prophetic dreams, the ability to heal the sick (the “sick” people at the altar call could have been faking it for all I knew), and one woman even spoke on her *literal* journey through the heart of God. Riiiiiight.

Needless to say, I hated the whole thing. After this we were headed to Denver for Spring Break, but putting up with this was becoming unbearable. The older couple we were staying with had moved from my mom’s church, and they’d spend hours in silence, just sitting there, and then ask if I saw or heard or felt anything (which, of course, I never did, besides feeling bored).

When Sunday finally came, Kelly informed me that before we left for Colorado, she had signed us both up for what she called prophecy rooms. Unsure of what exactly that was, I went, eager for this part of the trip to be over. She sat me down in the church’s prayer room and told me to pray. I pretty much just sat there and spaced out, watching others sing worship songs, until I was summoned into a side room. I was clueless.

Now, to be honest, I didn’t remember my time in that room, or really anything that the people in there had to say to me. I just suddenly “came to” walking to the car and thinking to myself, “Nothing will ever be the same.” The only thing that mattered that had occurred in that room was that Jesus met me there, and I said yes to Him. Kelly and I spent the entire car trip westward listening to the conference teachings and praising the Lord. Her seven months’ worth of prayers for me had been answered!

In the hotel room, I jumped into bed and into the psalms. I read nearly the entire book, and fell asleep with the Bible on my chest. The Lord gave me my first prophetic dream that night, where by it He told me what my calling was to be for the rest of my life. This is where I began my testimony above. I awoke from the dream with a dreaded sense that something was in the room.

What I can only now describe as a tentacle reached up from the ground and curled toward me, and not wanting it to touch me, I forced myself deep into the mattress. Another tentacle came out from the wall at my head. I was paralyzed by fear. One thought came to mind: turn on the light. There was a lamp by the clock, and as I glanced over to the night stand, there stood on it a demon. It was only the size of a large cat, but its presence was overpowering. Still another tentacle stretched out from where the room’s exit was located, and I could see its reflection in the mirror. This was impossibly real, and somehow I was still alive.

I shut my eyes, hoping against hope that everything would just vanish and that somehow it’d be morning. I’m not sure how long I laid there, but when I looked again and saw nothing I leaped out of bed and turned on all the lights, and begged for Kelly to pray for me. She did, specifically for what she called God’s “anointing” to fill the room. I was an English major at the time and had never heard of that word before, but immediately the ceiling began to shimmer! She couldn’t see it, or when it began to come down the walls. I could not stop laughing – the peace I had was complete.

The next morning, there was a cross of light on the ceiling (which Kelly *could* see), and I took a picture of it and carry it with me in my Bible. What I had said that day in the parking lot was true. I have never been the same, nor will I ever be. Now I am a student at the very church (IHOP-KC) that Kelly brought me to three years ago, growing in the gifts of healing and prophecy, and preparing myself and my family for what my first prophetic dream (of now many) had called me to become: to be a General in God’s army.


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